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Realtime Gaming software review

Realtime Gaming
Realtime Gaming

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Reasonably good quality and fun games. Used by a few big names and a high number of casinos overall.


Not the best reputation for controlling its licensees. Reports that rogue operators have used their software.

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A successful provider of online casino games that are up to a decent standard. Their software is also used by some recognisable brands such as Bodog and Casino Titian but also by a lot of less well known brands. The company is registered in Curacao, so most brands using this software are usually licensed in Curacao or Costa Rica (which doesnt exude great credibility for the majority of their licensees). Also, their have been reports of some rogue operators using RTG software according to …which is not a direct reflection of Realtime Gaming’s credibility or game quality but it is an indication that they do not stringently vet their licensees.

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When it comes to the very competitive world of online casino gaming, Realtime Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable companies. However, if one has to be absolutely honest, it is also one of the strangest firms in the industry in quite a few respects.

The company started as a small venture in the United States back in 1998, but we all know that the United States are not necessarily the best location for businesses in the gaming field due to the various rules and regulations, so the fact that the company is now apparently running mainly from Costa Rica and the Netherlands Antilles should not come as a huge surprise.

Throughout the years, Realtime Gaming has been on the receiving end of various criticisms and it has to be mentioned that some of them have not been completely resolved just yet. Some experts, for example, have criticized the company for the fact that it does not enforce strict rules on its licensees, which, in theory, may give them the option to go a bit rogue.

Interestingly, Realtime Gaming is also one of the few companies that apparently allow its clients to change some of the finer setting of its games. Namely, it apparently allows its clients to change things like payout percentages, which is something that does not really improve the overall gaming experience, as players do not have access to such details. It should also be noted that CasinoCity issues warnings about rogue operators on their site and in most cases the rogues do use RTG software. This does not imply RTG software is not high quality software or a bad company but it does show that they do not vet or control their licensees as well as other software providers do.

For some reason, the official website of the company was rather bare at the time of writing, including only the contact form that can be used by companies that are looking to use Realtime Gaming’s services. That is certainly quite strange, especially if you compare the the company’s website with the websites of its main business competitors.

Realtime Gaming’s products can be found at numerous online casinos and we are sure that you have already heard about at least some of them. The names of Bodog Casino and Casino Titan should certainly be quite familiar to every serious online casino player. However, it is worth noting that the list of its clients does not really include any of the true heavy-weights.

Nevertheless, it would be fair to say that Realtime Gaming is actually doing rather well when it comes to the actual online casino games. Many of its releases, including slot games like Tiger Treasures, Shopping Spree, or T-Rex, are rather popular and offer exciting gameplay without any unnecessary distractions or hassles. So yes, Realtime Gaming’s developers and designers are doing a good job without becoming too one-dimensional or too repetitive.

All in all, it seems that Realtime Gaming is a company of two different faces. On one hand, it is certainly doing a very good job when it comes to the actual online casino games, which are quite interesting and enjoyable. On the other hand, it does not have the best of reputations and the criticisms directed at it are definitely not unfounded, so there is plenty of work to be done in that respect.

Alex Eliades

Alex is the editor of the Casino Review Squad and is on a mission to educate people about how casinos work and how to enjoy them online. He first dabbled his hand into casinos at the land based Grosvenor Casino in the UK. Since then he became friends with several people developing software for online casinos. After learning a bit about the online industry he acquired a thirst for more knowledge and shifted his pastime online.