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Excellent games, credible and strong. Founded in 1951 and a high performing company in recent times.


Not as much variety of games as MG or Playtech.

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IGT is a serious casino software company that can be found on many major casino sites such as Bet365, BetFair, Paddy Power, William Hill etc etc and the list goes on. Typically, these big brands do not solely use IGT to power their entire portfolio of games but usually they are used to add additional high quality games that people love. IGT was founded in 1951 and since it moved into the online space has proven beyond doubt that it is one of the better casino software providers on the market but its aim is not the same as Playtech and Microgaming, their goal is not to dominate the space it is to add more value to an existing offering and they do so very very well. IGT is a name you should look out for as they really enrich the offering of any casino that licenses their software.

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IGT might not be as popular and famous as some of the other casino games companies, but it has been in the industry for such a long time that it simply has to be taken very seriously indeed. Its origins date back to the early 1950s, but the company was obviously very different back then. The real adventure started in the year of 1981, when the company decided to go public and to take its business to the global market.

However, the company’s most recent successes are what interests us the most and it needs to be said that the list of its achievements is so long that it would be impossible to mention all of them here. It should be enough to say that IGT made it to the Fortune’s “100 Fastest-Growing Companies“ list in 2003. Since then, IGT has been incredibly innovative, presenting its first multi-level progressive MegaJackpots product in 2005 and following that up with the launch of some truly interesting specialities, including the MultiPLAY system, which allows players to play their favourite games up to four times (simultaneously) on the very same video slot machine.

The list of IGT’s clients includes some of the biggest players on the market, including Bet365, Betfair, Paddy Power, William Hill, and BetVictor. Yes, that is right – IGT’s games can be found virtually everywhere, which shows how important the company is right now.

The fact that IGT is such an important company in the gaming industry obviously has something to do with its rather large portfolio of products and services, which can all be easily customized according to the needs of its clients. It is also interesting to note that IGT was one of the first companies that came up with their very own mobile games, long before the age of iPhones and iPads. And, if the latest announcements are anything to go by, IGT is also set to become a major play on the online poker market, as it has already received some very important licenses from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

IGT’s online casino games have always been very popular in the online gaming community and it needs to be said that there is nothing shady behind that. Quite simply, IGT’s online video slots offer truly unique gaming experiences and that is exactly what players are always searching for. Perhaps you have already heard about branded games like Monopoly Plus or Cluedo. And perhaps you have also already enjoyed some of the games from the MegaJackpots line. And what about games like Siberian Storm or Cleopatra? Well, they all come from IGT. However, it has to be said that the company nevertheless belongs to the second tier of online games developers these days. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that a lot of the company’s focus lies elsewhere, but the truth is that it cannot really compete with the best companies in the business right now. Nevertheless, it is clear that IGT is here to stay and that is certainly a good thing for all of us – after all, every single good game counts.

Alex Eliades

Alex is the editor of the Casino Review Squad and is on a mission to educate people about how casinos work and how to enjoy them online. He first dabbled his hand into casinos at the land based Grosvenor Casino in the UK. Since then he became friends with several people developing software for online casinos. After learning a bit about the online industry he acquired a thirst for more knowledge and shifted his pastime online.