The Ultimate Guide to Casinos


Meet the Squad

Alex “The Counter”

Alex is conservative when it comes to gambling but is very calculated, counts cards, uses systems and quite often makes small wins. He believes that online casino’s will grow, consolidate and end up being well regulated and playable in most countries around the world. As the founder of the Squad he brought everyone together to make this production. Alex admires James but will never admit it. He also thinks that Steven’s taste in clothes is about as good as his taste in women, and judging by his latest tank top is not too hot!

Steven “The Hot Shot”

Steven thinks online casinos should be legal in all countries around the world but should be stringently regulated and licensed. He says “prohibition didn’t work in days of Al Capone so why should it in the modern day with online casinos”. A good way to describe Steven is a compulsive risk taker in business, gambling and err, women. Needless to say, the saying fortune favours the brave applies here. Lucky for Steven his risk taking vice has seen him considerably better off from his business endeavours than his Casino playing folks! Steven thinks Alex thinks too much and is a wuss at the table. He also sees James as a threat although he would never admit it.

James “The Godfather”

James is a Grandfather (and a genuine Godfather) and the most professional player of the Squad. The team loves his wisdom, stories and are surprised that he is so good on the computer. He has been playing in Casino’s all over the world and also plays Poker. He always seems to win when others fail and definitely has the charisma of a winner; probably because he was playing since he was 16 years old. James thinks Alex is technically a great player but gets bogged down in systems too much  to enjoy the games and also should stop being so tight. He also thinks Steven is far too excitable to be taken seriously.

Ben “The Young Master”

Ben has been gambling online for over a decade and is particularly drawn to skill games such as poker and tournaments where he can unleash his competitive side.  He has played at over 300 online casinos over the past decade and is a calculated and cautious player who always has a strategy in mind.  He is often amazed by the quality and creativity that goes into online casino games and will sacrifice a little of his expected value to fully appreciate well designed and created slots.