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Antigua and Barbuda regulator review

Antigua Barbuda
Antigua Barbuda

Licensing Body Details

Organisation Name: Directorate of Offshore Gaming
Location: Antigua, Caribbean
UK Whitelisted: Yes
Level of Trust: High
Assist Players: Yes
Casino URL:
CRS Grade



UK whitelisted, only trustworthy operators can get licensed here


Despite the growth of igaming, most operators look elsewhere for their license

Bottom Line

Thankfully due to strict regulation and investment required, you will not find any rogue operators licensed by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming in Antigua and Barbuda. Having said that you need to be aware that other licensing jurisdictions have become more popular to operators, nevertheless for the player that doesn’t matter and any casino holding this seal should not let you down.

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Full Review of Licensing Body and Jurisdiction

Antigua and Barbuda, a small country that is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most important jurisdictions when it comes to online gaming. What made that possible is the fact that it has been one of the very first jurisdictions to license interactive gaming and wagering companies, with the start of its operations dating back to the year of 1994.

The Division of Gaming, which belongs to the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, is the regulatory body that is responsible for this part of economy over at Antigua and Barbuda. All applicants have to go through a strict licensing process that requires considerable investments – both in terms of time and money, as there are numerous fees both for the applications and the licenses.

The body naturally co-operates with many other organizations and it follows all the newest developments in the industry, so there is no need to be afraid that companies that might be a bit shady or rogue would get its license. They would not – the costs and rules are so strict and prohibitive that any such attempts would simply fail.

The official website of the body is a bit below today’s standards, but it has all the necessary information, along with a regularly updated list of licensees. The fact that famous companies like the Continental Ventures Ltd. (which is the operator of the Intertops casino) or the Imperial E-Club Ltd. (which is the operator of Casino Tropez) are on the list shows that only the very best can get into the exclusive club.

Entities that are licensed under Antigua and Barbuda can use the official seal of the organization, which is a proof that the operation is fair and follows all the rules. It also guarantees that the particular gaming operation uses software that meets all the internationally recognized standards of fairness and that the primary servers are physically located on Antigua and Barbuda.

It needs to be noted that players also benefit from the strict rules and regulations that are applied to the gaming operators, as they gain the right to submit complaints to the Division of Gaming, which then has to resolve the disputes according to the rules. Unfortunately, the official website does not state that much in regards to that and only invites players to submit any complaints they may have without making the entire process of dispute resolution clear. From what is known, however, the standards are fairly high and players should have no problems with having their voices heard.

Even though Antigua and Barbuda has a very long tradition when it comes to licensing and online gaming regulations, it probably can be said that, these days, it actually belongs to the second tier of licensing bodies. With that said, however, you cannot go wrong by playing at its licensees. All of them are guaranteed to offer fair and transparent services – and that is much better than trying your luck at an unlicensed casino.

Alex Eliades

Alex is the editor of the Casino Review Squad and is on a mission to educate people about how casinos work and how to enjoy them online. He first dabbled his hand into casinos at the land based Grosvenor Casino in the UK. Since then he became friends with several people developing software for online casinos. After learning a bit about the online industry he acquired a thirst for more knowledge and shifted his pastime online.