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Alderney regulator review


Licensing Body Details

Organisation Name: Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Location: Channel Islands, Western Europe
UK Whitelisted: Yes
Level of Trust: Very High
Assist Players: Yes
Casino URL:
CRS Grade



One of the most reputable licensing jurisdictions. UK whitelisted


Not much

Bottom Line

The cream of the crop of licensing bodies, worldwide. Alderney Gambling Control Commission only licenses the best of the best gambling operators and you really dont need to think before playing on an Alderney licensed casino. You will be in safe hands wherever you play.

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Full Review of Licensing Body and Jurisdiction

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission, which was established back in the year of 2000, is located on the third largest of the British Channel Islands and brings significant wealth to the island’s economy. Online gaming companies are invited to relocate to Alderney, but they can only operate there with the approval of the Commission, which in turn regulates their operations and ensures that everything is done in a fair manner.

The licensing process is rather complicated and requires all applicants to follow very strict rules not only during the process itself, but also after the process is finished and the gaming operations start their day-to-day business. There are many different types of licenses with various costs and legal proceedings, but the fees are relatively high when it comes to all of them, with the biggest companies paying up to £140,000 for renewals.

That means that no rogue operator is able to fulfil those rules, limiting the list of licensees to only some of the best companies in the business. It really is a fairly exclusive club and that becomes obvious when one browses through the list of licensed operators, which can be found on the Commission’s official website and which is regularly updated (and it needs to be noted that the website stands out in many regards with its clear design and simple navigation). For example, one can find names like William Hill, Paddy Power, or Totesport among the list of licensees – and it simply cannot get much better than that.

But how does the Commission actually treat the players? Well, thankfully, the answer to that question is that it treats them in the best possible manner. Their protection is one of the foremost priorities for the Commission and it does everything it can in order to ensure that there are going to be no disputes between the players and the licensees.

Most importantly, the licensees have their funding and integrity regularly checked, so there should never be any problems with withdrawals. Under-age customers are also strictly forbidden from all licensed operators, while all players also have to have the option of self-exclusion. It is quite interesting to note that all operators have to allow their customers to set limits for deposits, losses, and maximum wagers (which then have to be enforced by the operator).

However, in the unlikely event of there being a clash of opinions, the Commission allows players to submit their complaints to the Commission. The process is a little bit more complicated than that of some of the other licensing bodies, but the formal proceedings are strict and fair, so players that are in the right will always have their voices heard.

All in all, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission is one of the most reputable bodies in the business. Unlike many other licensing commissions, it specializes in one particular sector and it really excels in it, so players that pick from casinos that are located and licensed in Alderney can never go wrong. It really is the cream of the crop and everyone will do well by playing at Alderney-licensed online casinos.

Alex Eliades

Alex is the editor of the Casino Review Squad and is on a mission to educate people about how casinos work and how to enjoy them online. He first dabbled his hand into casinos at the land based Grosvenor Casino in the UK. Since then he became friends with several people developing software for online casinos. After learning a bit about the online industry he acquired a thirst for more knowledge and shifted his pastime online.